17. Dezember 2022


Kulturschranne Dachau

Jazz e.V. Dachau

“Some people can’t get enough Christmas music, but others can’t run away from it fast enough. For years, Chicago free-jazz veteran Mars Williams has been refining a concept that can bring the two camps together under the same roof. Bringing things together is what he does: a prodigal multi-instrumentalist), he’s played rock with the Psychedelic Furs and the Waitresses, free jazz with the likes of Hal Russell, Peter Brötzmann, and Paal Nilssen-Love, and a bit of everything in the long-running Liquid Soul, whose freewheeling fusion combines jazz, funk, dance music, hip-hop, and more….he got the idea to combine Ayler’s music—which often subjects simple, folk-derived themes to extremes of timbre and emotion—with traditional Christmas . The resulting music is intense enough to vaporize typical holiday treacle, but it’s still recognizably seasonal”- Chicago Reader

Line Up:

Mars Williams – saxophones, flutes, toys
Thomas Berghammer – trumpet
Knox Chandler – guitar, electronics
Christian Meass Svenson – double bass
Klaus Kugel – drums, percussions

Das ursprünglich für die Tour geplante Line Up mit Jamie Branch und Mark Tokar musste den aktuellen Entwicklungen Tribut zollen und verändert werden. Jamie Branch starb am 22. August diesen Jahres und Mark Tokar kämpft in der Ukraine irgendwo an der Front.